KT-LED light source oven
The light injection annealing oven can adjust the changes in the Fermi level of the cell, control the total amount and valence state of H, and improve H passivation and defect repair efficiency can reduce the attenuation effect of P-type batteries and improve battery conversion efficiency. Easy maintenance, LED life span is up to 20,000 hours.

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Product Line Height960mm士20mm
Cell Size155*155-210*210 (compatible)
Cell Thickness180土50um
Maximum Output (Single lane)≥3400pcs/h
Conveyor Belt Speed1000-15000mm/min
Light IntensityOutput Adjustable
Process Adjust Range200-350℃
Temperature Control Range25-450℃
Temperature Control Accuracy±1℃
Lighting Area185x4800mm
Start-up Power/Operation Voltage100KW/45-55kw
Maximum Capacity7500P/H
DimensionsL10000x W1450x 2300
Net Weight4600kg