KT high temperature firing oven
After passing through the drying oven, the entire sintering process is very fast, and the entire sintering will be completed in more than ten seconds. It is widely used in the silver paste sintering process of solar polycrystalline silicon cells, thereby improving the conversion rate of solar cells.

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Product Line Height960土20mm
Cell Size155*155-210*210(compatible)
Cell Thickness180土50um
Maximum Output (Single Lane)≧3400pcs/h
Maximum Output (dual Lane)≥6800pcs/h
Conveyor Belt Speed1000-12000mm/min
Drying Section Temperature Control Range25-500℃
Firing Section Temperature Control Rang25-1000℃
Temperature Control Accuracy±1℃
Organic HandlingBurning Tower
Start-up /Operation voltage (Single Lane)140KW/70KW
Start-up /Operation voltage (Dual Lane)280KW/140KW
Dimension (Single Lane)L14000x W1111x H3253mm
Dimension (Dual Lane)L14000x W2222x H3253mm
Net Weight (Single Lane/Dual Lane)Single 3000kg/Dual 6000kg